League Rules and Guidelines

Format:  NEW in 2018, we will be offering an OPEN division for schools that wish to participate with 5 varsity teams instead of 3.  All rules below still apply, but matches will be best of 5, instead of 3.  Each school must provide a minimum of 3 doubles teams. (A, B, and C). Some schools may have enough players to field 2 or 3 JV/F teams as well, it is up to you to discuss with your opponent if they have such teams, and if you would like to include them as “exhibition matches” on your competition days. ONLY varsity 2 out of 3 contests will be counted towards a team’s overall record.

Each contest will be best 2 out of 3 doubles matches. (A vs. A, B vs. B, and C vs. C). The 1st two sets will be to 21, no cap, and the 3rd set, if necessary, to 15 points, no cap. Each school will ref their own matches. (If played on 2 courts, the 3rd team can ref) The contest is won by the school that wins the majority of the doubles matches (i.e. 2 out of 3 doubles matches).  NOTE: Players must play in a minimum of 3 league matches during the regular season to be eligible for playoff competition.

Scorekeeping:  The school that wins the contest must report their results to the league director at the end of each week. hssandvb@gmail.com .

Schedule:  League schedules can be found at www.sandvba.net. You may adjust your schedule as needed to accommodate conflicts with your team’s availability and spring breaks. You are responsible for making sure all of your matches are completed on or before May 4th 2018 . Any matches not completed will count as a forfeit and affect your seeding for the playoffs. Each school is responsible for coordinating a time and location for each of their matches with the opposing team. Teams listed in the 2nd position are considered the HOME team and have first choice on the location.

Playoffs:  At the conclusion of League play, teams will be regrouped into 3 divisions for playoffs: OPEN Division, Division I, and Division II: 

Playoffs will be single elimination brackets for all divisions, with the first round starting on May 8th, followed by the semifinal rounds for on May 10th.  The Final rounds will be played on Saturday, May 12th at South Mission Beach Sports Park.  Officials will be provided for the finals matches in all 3 divisions.

State Playoffs:  In it’s 2nd year, the winner of the Open Division will compete in the High School Beach State Championship Tournament on May 19th in Huntington Beach.

Rules and Protocol:  We will be following the NCAA rules and protocol, as well as CIF eligibility and protocol, for the 2018 season.

 Some important Rules to note:

  • Athletes are NOT allowed to touch the net at anytime during play.
  • One time out is allowed per set, plus a technical timeout at 21 in sets 1 and 2; there is no technical timeout allowed in game 3, but there is one timeout.
  • Serve receive: Athletes are not allowed to receive serve using “finger action” or a setting motion to receive the ball. This is an automatic violation.
  • Substitutions: Once the warm up begins in any match, substitutions are not permitted and players may not be replaced. Before warm up begins, a coach may replace a member of a doubles team in the line-up and they may remain in the same position. If a coach replaces both members of a doubles team, then the lower teams will move up to fill the vacated position and the 2 alternate players create a new team in the C position for the contest.
  • The lineup shall always be based on order of ability. “Matching up” is prohibited. Players must compete in the order of ability with the best doubles teams at the A position, the second best at the B position, and the third best at the C position.
  • Teams with insufficient number of players: The minimum number of players needed for any competition is 4. A team appearing with 4 players, shall forfeit their C match, and have the remaining two teams play in the A and B positions. If a team cannot field four players, then they shall forfeit the match.

With reference to “coaching”, please read the excerpt below from the NCAA rule book, so we are all on the same page as to what is allowed and what is not…

Coaching is permitted under the following guidelines, Coaches:

  • Must be identified as a coach and dress professionally, in shirt and shorts as a minimum requirement
  • May not address the officials or attempt to influence their decisions at anytime
  • May not give instructions during play
  • May give instruction during warm up, side changes, timeouts and between sets or matches as long as the instruction does not impede the progress of the game. A coach may not interfere with play or coach verbally or by signaling during other times than specified above. Coaches shall be designated before the doubles matches. Use of electronic communication devices (e.g. walkie-talkies and cell phones) is prohibited.
  • While coaching a specific match, must remain in their participants area during the entire match and will switch sides with their team
  • Are subject to sanction(forfeit) for delay of the match, coaching from the sideline, or inappropriate behavior
  • Who may coach? Coaching is permitted by the head coach and assistant coach on the institutional coaching list and registered with their respective school. 

Uniforms:  All teams are required to wear MATCHING uniforms that consist of either a tank top or t-shirt, and matching shorts. Bathing suits are PROHIBITED during contests. School names are NOT PERMITTED on any attire, unless approved by school’s administration, but school mascot or “club” name is acceptable. Numbers are NOT required on the uniforms at this time.

Approved Competition Ball:  Wilson is our official ball for League and Playoff Competition. Please contact Kyle at Real Volleyball 858-279-5479 to place your order, or stop by any Costco that carries them.

Questions?  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have throughout the season. We are looking forward to another great year. Thanks for participating!

Kelly Drobeck (League Director): 619-548-8859 hssandvb@gmail.com








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